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High School Quotes

1. Students are so accepting and non-judgmental.

2. Main Event twice a year is really fun!

3. DLC takes Halloween to a whole other level! Costumes and contests as well as a school lunch at Don Pepe's. It’s a great day!

4. History in the Making class is really interesting, and we get to discuss things going on in our world right now.

5. Senior off-campus lunches keep the seniors bonded and excited about graduation.

6. The DLC graduation ceremony is the most amazing graduation I’ve ever been to. Every senior gets to speak, and it is really moving.

7. I love that we each get our own large desk and a bulletin board that we can decorate. It’s my space, and I can personalize it.

8. The yellow sheet really helps to make my work for the week predictable and manageable. It helps me stay organized.

9. Laptops are so much better than the iPads I used at my other school! No distractions, and it helps me prepare for a college environment where I would be using a laptop, not an iPad.

10. You can listen to music in art class or just visit with friends while doing art – it is really fun.

11. Fifteen minute breaks between classes make it feel more like college than high school. I love the breaks! We also get to use our phones at break!

12. I had never been able to really understand math completely until I came to DLC. The one-on-one instruction is so helpful.

13. I love being able to do corrections on my work. As a result, I have great grades to present to colleges.

14. Graduation is so classy! All my friends and family were really impressed.

15. I like the dual enrollment option that DLC has with the community colleges.

16. Dallas Academy lets DLC students play sports on their teams, and I think that is a really nice option.

17. I can be me at DLC!

18. Love the relaxed dress code.

19. DLC has a lot of similarities to college but with more structure and help.

20. You can finish a class early and add another class. I’m graduating a full year early because I added classes.

21. I like the 9:15 start. I get to sleep in a bit.

22. The personal attention at DLC is what impresses me.

23. Gotta love 1:45 dismissal and Fridays off if your work is done!

24. DLC builds student confidence, and that is huge!

25. I love Chinese food on Mondays! Also, Subway and pizza each week.

26. You have plenty of time at school to get your work done so almost no homework.

27. Minimal homework if any! Refreshing!

28. I really feel prepared for college after attending DLC. They taught me how to write killer essays.

29. DLC has excellent teachers that are really willing to work with you.

Middle School Quotes

1. The field trips are so fun!

2. I love the art class; it is so laid back, but we learn about all kinds of art.

3. The students are so nice to each other at DLC.

4. Not much homework - Yeah!!!

5. I really learn at this school. I like the small classes so I can ask the teacher questions when I don't completely understand something.

6. I like the science experiments.

7. Main Event is so much fun. We bowl, laser tag, and play video games. The whole school goes together, so we take over the place!

8. Learning is more fun at this school. There is lots of discussion and activities.

9. I like basketball at the recreation center best.

10. The teachers are really nice, and they really know their stuff.

11. I like having my own desk to put all my stuff on instead of a locker.

12. All hail the vending machines!

13. I really understand math now that I go to DLC.

14. I can really write a good essay now. Back before DLC, essays scared me.

15. No one is excluded at DLC.

16. DLC is not uptight, but it is not a free-for-all either. It is just right.

17. DLC Middle School rocks!

18. We get to make our own yearbook, and it always turns out so funny - great memories!

19. The plays we do in literature class (filmed on the iPad) are hilarious. The blooper section is my favorite.

20. You get TLC at DLC.

21. Since I have been at DLC, I have been happy. DLC is a happy place.

22. Friends for life are made at DLC!

23. DLC has connected me with Richardson Children's Theatre, and now I'm in plays and loving it!

24. Spanish class is the best! We play Spanish games every day.

25. I'm definitely more organized at DLC.

26. Halloween is crazy! Everyone dresses up and goes out to eat Mexican food in costume, even the teachers!